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From Shawn Castrianni <>
Subject RE: Ivy for C/C++ libraries
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:00:29 GMT
I have posted several messages to this user group concerning this topic.  Here is a short summary
of what I have done:

1. Use IVY configurations to separate out the different artifacts for the different platforms
2. I zip up the header files and run a post-processing ant task to unzip them after the IVY
resolve and retrieve are complete
3. I leave the dll's and so's as separate artifacts specifying their correct configuration
so that when downloading artifacts on win32, only win32 artifacts are retrieved
4. I set ant properties called <module>_INCLUDE_DIR and <module>_BINARY_DIR that
point to the include and "bin/<platform>" subdirectories so that include paths and library
paths can be set more easily
5. I build everything in ANT which either call visual studio devenv command line utility to
build from the vcproj files on windows  OR  do one of three things on unix platforms.
	a. use exec to call the compiler commands directly
	b. use exec to call legacy build scripts like make
	c. use cpptasks

It all works very well.

Shawn Castrianni

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From: Scott Palmer [] 
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 1:44 PM
Subject: Ivy for C/C++ libraries

I want to use Ivy to manage some projects that use both Java and C+_+.  For the C++ side we
have several 3rd-party SDKs that we need to use.  These basically contain header files (.h)
and lilbraries for linking (.lib) and DLL files needed to deploy.

I was thinking of storing the 3rd-party SDKs as ZIPs and have some automated process to un-zip
them to a known location e.g.  %SDKS%\module_name\* so the C++ code could find them.  But
if it is easier to deal with the individual files as assets then I could do that as well.

Is there any sort of sample or tutorial that would help cover this case?
It seems the examples are very java-centric, I am likely not going to be using Ant when building
the native parts of the project, so I would like to call Ivy directly.. but I'm not against
making an Ant wrapper that invokes the native build process as well.



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