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From Andre-John Mas <>
Subject Re: How to add a complex project such as Spring or Hibernate to an ivy private Repository?
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2011 14:13:58 GMT

On 14-Apr-2011, at 10:06, Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Nothing stops you from using Ivy RoundUp in addition to other maven
> repositories, it's not an either/or choice.
> Regarding control, yes it's not under your control, but neither is the maven
> repository. What you control is how you configure your ivy clients, your
> private repository, etc. With ivy, control is supposed to be applied at the
> settings level, not the repository level. Maven doesn't give you as much
> choice in this regard.

Also, while Ivy Roundup may not be under your control, nothing is stopping you
from forking it and using it at the basis for your own internal repository - though
it is always nice to contribute back to the project that made your life easier.
You can also have an internal copy that simply sync once in a while if you
wish to avoid employees having direct access. If you don't have any security
considerations, then using the approach suggested by Archie also makes sense.

An alternative is simply to look at what was already done there and use it for

I had looked at using Maven in the past, but it just felt too much for the basic
needs I had and so simply continued using the regular download & install library
approach. I had some exposure to Ivy, but I wasn't swayed until I following my
usual approach and having to deal with getting all the dependencies used by
Spring and Hibernate. I decided it was time to put that extra time into learning
Ivy to save me from dependency hell.


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