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From Neil Miller <>
Subject Re: Using dynamic revision but restrict status?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 16:02:41 GMT
As far as I know it isn't possible, but it's something I'd like to see 
as well. Unfortunately I haven't had time to write it myself, it looks 
like it might not be too hard...


On 04/13/2011 07:24 AM, Steele, Richard wrote:
> Bump.
> This isn't something anyone else has had to deal with?  Or am I missing
> something completely obvious?  Is the answer as simple as "don't ever use
> dynamic revisions?"  If so, then what good are they?
> If this isn't currently possible, would an enhancement request be
> worthwhile?  I envision allowing a dependency along the lines of
> <dependency org="com.example" name="foo" rev="[1.0,1.1[" status="milestone"
> />
> to mean a revision in the specified range with a status of milestone or
> greater.  This would also allow for something like
> <dependency org="com.example" name="foo" rev="latest" status="milestone" />
> as a synonym for the current "latest.*status*" mechanism.
> Thoughts?  Please?
> Rich
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 3:13 PM, Steele, Richard<>  wrote:
>> Is it possible for me to declare a dependency using a dynamic revision
>> while restricting the status of the retrieved artifact?  For example, I want
>> to define a version range, something like "[1.0,1.1[", but I don't want
>> artifacts with a status of integration, only milestone or release.  So I
>> want version 1.0.5 if it has a status of "release" even if there's a version
>> 1.0.6 with a status of "integration."
>> I know about latest.*status*, but that's not really what I want: I need to
>> define an upper and lower limit on the revision.
>> Thanks,
>> Rich

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