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From Gareth Collins <>
Subject Re: How to add a complex project such as Spring or Hibernate to an ivy private Repository?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:53:44 GMT

Why are you trying to build an ivy file for hibernate? The latest versions
of hibernate are in the red hat/jboss maven repository here:

When you import hibernate into your own ivy repository (you can
 reuse the build.xml in the build-a-ivy-repository example),
the pom.xml is converted to an ivy.xml file.

Note if you need to import a lot of libraries from maven, you may need to
across multiple repositories:

- Netty/JBoss (above) - projects sponsored by Red Hat
- Java/Oracle ( - for J2EE jars (such as
mail) because the Oracle license bars the other maven repositories from
distributing the jars
- Apache nightly
( - if you
need to work off nightly apache code because a feature you require hasn't
been released yet.
- Jetty ( - if you cannot find
a specific jetty jar version in the main maven repository (most likely not
- Maven main ( - everything else.

Hope this is helpful.


Adib-5 wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to figure out how to add a complex project such as
> hibernate to a private ivy repository. I am starting with a
> file downloaded from and it contains
> hibernate3.jar and the jpa jar should i be creating a single ivy.xml
> for all or hibernate in the repo with multiple configuration or should
> I be creating multiple modules one module for jpa api and one module
> for the hibernate3.jar ... etc.
> In the case of spring should be creating a single organization called
> with multiple modules one module for each spring
> part or should be creating a single module called springframework and
> add all the various .jar files to it.
> Any advice on the ivy way is greatly appreciated. I know that ivy can
> use a maven repo but my goal is not create a maven repo, i want to
> create an ivy repo optimized for ivy. What are are the differences
> between an ivy repo and a maven repo?
> Cheers
> Adib

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