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From Mitch Gitman <>
Subject Re: Different dependencies for integration, milestone, release
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 15:06:31 GMT
Following up Keith's response...

Certainly, it's a good practice to use a revision suffix to distinguish
integration builds from milestone/release builds. For example:
1.0-SNAPSHOT as opposed to 1.0-alpha1 or 1.0 (release)

And technically, you can make a property placeholder part of a
dependency@rev value in an ivy.xml.

However, in practice, picking up all or part of the dependency's rev
attribute from a property introduces a layer of indirection that probably
doesn't gain you anything at the cost of inconvenience, potential errors
introduced by having more moving parts, and worst of all, potentially losing
reproducibility on your release builds.

If you're a developer working against trunk or an integration branch (to use
the Subversion terms), you're going to want to see right in your ivy.xml
whether you're depending on 1.0-SNAPSHOT (or latest.integration) or 1.0 (or
latest.release) of something rather than having to look up a property
elsewhere to figure out what you're depending on. And when you're getting
ready to make a release (whether milestone or release) out of a build on an
integration branch, you'd want to have the control that comes with manually
removing the -SNAPSHOT suffix from your dependencies one by one to make sure
the dependency still works.

Even if you have an automated mechanism to make sure that, in preparation
for a release, all the dependency revisions identifying milestone/release
dependencies have the suffix stripped, that's still going to be a one-off
change that never has to be controlled subsequently. The milestone and
release ivy.xml files, within immutable projects as represented by tags in
source control, will and should have hardcoded revisions in their
dependencies. They'll never change once they're tagged.

As for the potentially cool feature of switching back and forth between
latest.integration and latest.milestone and latest.release based on one
property, keep in mind that even though your current project is integration,
that doesn't necessarily mean that its dependencies are all integration. And
where you do have some release-worthy dependencies, you're in a position to
know and just specify the hardcoded version. Putting latest.milestone and
latest.release in the dependencies when you're ready to tag a release
(whether milestone or release) really doesn't buy anyone anything. No one is
doing active development against a tag and at this point you know precisely
what the revisions you're depending on are.

Worst, it's a serious mistake to say "Give me the latest release for a
dependency" rather than "Give me this particular release for a dependency"
on a release build because that puts your release at the mercy of whatever
the latest is in the Ivy repository. This means that you've created a
release for foo 1.0 that depends on bar 2.0. Subsequently bar 2.1 comes out.
Then when you go to release foo 1.0, you get bar 2.1 for latest.release,
which is not what you wanted. You've just lost the reproducibility on your
release builds.

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 7:08 AM, Keith Hatton <> wrote:

> The value in the rev="..." attribute can be a property, so you can have,
> for example, rev="latest.${foo}" in your ivy.xml, and work out what the
> value of ${foo} should be in your Ant script (just make sure you do this
> prior to calling any <ivy:...> tasks).
> Keith
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alex Kiesel []
> Sent: 24 March 2011 11:56
> To: ivy-user
> Subject: Different dependencies for integration, milestone, release
> Hi,
> I'd like to deploy a build system on top of Ivy. Currently, I face one
> problem: I'd like to have different dependencies when integration,
> milestone or release is built. A release should only depend on other
> releases, milestones should require releases and/or milestones and
> integration build may take anything.
> I'd like to leave the rev="" setting in the dependency untouched. Is
> there one parameter to <ivy:resolve> that would help me?
> Regards,
> -Alex

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