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From "Hekmat, Payam" <>
Subject RE: Managing external tool with ivy
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 09:29:50 GMT
If you have the current revision of the zip handy, you can use the Ivy
buildnumber Ant task and compare on that. Another option may be to check
the timestamp of the current zip and compare it to the timestamp of the
zip after it's resolved.

Depending on your build, you may also be able to use Ivy's triggers
ml) to do the unzip after the first download (the post-download-artifact
trigger). If I recall correctly, the trigger won't fire if you already
have the artifact in the cache.

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From: Leamon, Pat [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 12:10 AM
Subject: Managing external tool with ivy


  I'm trying to manage versions of a tool used as part of the build
process, not a dependency of the app itself.  I've packaged it into a
zip and put it into our local repository.  This zip is then resolved by
ivy and the appropriate version is downloaded, then the build itself
unpacks the zip ready for the tool to be used.


At the moment I'm doing an ant <condition/><filesmatch></condition> to
check if the tool zip has changed since the last build (I keep a copy
when I unpack it separately).  This saves me unpacking it every build,
but since the tool zip is large I still get a 5-10 second penalty for
the binary file comparison.


Is there any way I can get feedback from ivy to say if the dependency
has changed?




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