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From "" <>
Subject Problem with Xalan-2.7.1 and ivyroundup
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:33:34 GMT

I don't know if this a bug in ivyde, a bug in ivyroundup or a problem with my dependency management

(I suspect the latter)

I've got a dependency on xalan-j which I'm getting from ivyroundup.

However, the xalan-j entry in my cache has the xml-apis-2.7.1 jar in it

Somewhere else in my project there's a xml-apis-2.9.1 dependency.

I'm using a configuration called 'web' to retrieve the jars required to be in the web app
into the 
war/WEB-INF/lib folder

I'm doing this with the retrieve tab in IvyDE

However, although the dependency report says that xml-apis-2.7.1 is evicted, its still turning
up in 
the lib folder, together with the 2.9.1 version. Generally speaking its a very bad idea to
have to 
versions of the same jar in the lib folder!

Here's the line in the ivy.xml file which pulls in the xalan-j - I've set transitive="false"
thats having no effect - mainly because I think that the xml-api jar is not actually a dependency
xalan but rather part of the module.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this (short of just deleting the offending jar each time.)

<dependency org="org.apache.xml" name="xalan-j" rev="2.7.1" conf="web->interp" transitive="false"/>

Also, looking at
why are 
the xml-api jars showing up at all? the conf 'interp' should only pull in xalan?



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