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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: Ivy newbie - curious display
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 23:09:29 GMT
Could you run ant in verbose mode to see where the delay is comming from?


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From: Matthew Painter <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Tue, January 18, 2011 11:53:08 PM
Subject: Ivy newbie - curious display


I'm currently finding my feet with Ivy. I am using the standard resolvers and am 
chaining a few others (Ivy Roundup and the two Spring Ivy repositories).

All works, however for some packages I get odd entries displaying (the ones 
prefixed by [1.1.] and [2.7.7]:

-- snip --
[ivy:cachepath]         found;6.0.16 in default
[ivy:cachepath]         found;6.0.16 in default
[ivy:cachepath]         found org.hibernate#hibernate;3.5.4-Final in roundup
[ivy:cachepath]         found javax.transaction#jta;1.1 in public
[ivy:cachepath]         [1.1] javax.transaction#jta;[1.1,2.0[
[ivy:cachepath]         found org.antlr#antlr;2.7.7 in roundup
[ivy:cachepath]         [2.7.7] org.antlr#antlr;[2.7.6,2.8[
-- snip --

It's around a second between these being displayed whereas the 'found...' lines 
zip through. 

Any ideas? Or is this expected? These steps are making the cachepath command 
take ~12 seconds instead of ~1 second.

My custom resolvers are:

  <!--  Roundup repository for Hibernate -->
  <packager name="roundup" buildRoot="${user.home}/.ivy2/packager/build" 



  <!--  Spring repositories -->
  <url name="spring-release">
  <url name="spring-external">

Many thanks,
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