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From Shawn Castrianni <>
Subject RE: making dependency-graphs
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 11:29:17 GMT
First, I use ivy to produce the dependency report in various formats.  Then, I use dot to convert
the dot formatted output to a png image with the following ant target.  I don't remember exactly
where I got dot.exe from on the internet, but the dotExecutable is an ANT variable since it
is different depending on which platform ant is running on. 

   <target name="report" depends="dependencies.check" description="Generate report on dependencies
in several formats">
      <delete dir="${env.BUILD_DIR}/report"/>
      <mkdir dir="${env.BUILD_DIR}/report"/>
      <ivy:report xml="true" graph="true" dot="true" todir="${env.BUILD_DIR}/report" conf="${env.DEPENDENCY_CONF}"
         <isset property="dotExecutable"/>
            <exec executable="${dotExecutable}">
               <arg line="-T png -o ${env.BUILD_DIR}/report/graph.png ${env.BUILD_DIR}/report/${ivy.module}.dot"/>
      <echo message="${line.separator}Report available at:${line.separator}${env.BUILD_DIR}/report"/>

Shawn Castrianni

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From: Felix Drueke [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 5:26 AM
Subject: making dependency-graphs


in our company we're evaluating ivy (together with artifactory or nexus).
ATM I'm trying to find out easy ways of creating dependency graphs since that's
what many people like to see (including me).

However so far I found ways to create graphml-files which imho aren't very usable
since they require a whole lot of clicking in yet another tool (yed) which is
not an option for the average developer or manager.
Then there's graphviz which is a little bit easier, but still not usable for a manager.
Then I downloaded the dependency-analyzer which probably does nice things, but it needs
a maven-installation to work.

Is there no way to create a graph easily and fast?
My dream would be the possiblity to view dependency-graphs inside the artifactory (or nexus)

Thanks for any hints and help.


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