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From Martin Weber <>
Subject Re: IvyDE: should not add ivy jar to ant class path in Eclipse
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 16:33:08 GMT
Am 10.12.2010 13:39, schrieb Nicolas Lalevée:
> Le 8 déc. 2010 à 21:24, Kirby Files a écrit :
>> Martin Weber wrote on 12/08/2010 03:19 PM:
>>> It would be useful, if at least the Ivy preferences in Eclipse
>>> would allow to disable the ivy.jar on Ant's class path, since
>>> this breaks Ivy's plugin loading mechanism.
>> Please, though, let's not make such behavior the default. It took
>> long enough to get the ivy.jar contributed to ant; I'd hate to have
>> to go back to describing to our users how to set that up in Eclipse
>> again.
> I always found weird than the contributed ant tasks in Eclipse could
> not be unloaded by the end user. I don't think a preference will be
> implementable in IvyDE.

Hi Nicolas,

its not quite clear to we what the issue has to do with Eclipse's ant 
task (eclipse.assembel, etc I guess?).
But I see, my problem description was imprecise: I get the 
ClassNotFoundException, when I run Ant from within Eclipse via 'External 
Tools/Ant build'.
In a former post on this mailing list, I already complained about the CNFE.
The behaviour changed when I updated IvyDE from 

build 57 to build 106.

> I imagine that we would need here to split the Ivy feature into two
> one so the end user can select the Ivy-Ant plugin or not.
> Could you open a Jira issue about it Martin ?

Done. IVYDE-271. (Hope I attached enough information)


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