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From David Harrigan <>
Subject Publishing Artifacts and Subdirectories
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 13:28:59 GMT

At the moment we are using Artifactory to hold our published jars. In
our organisation element in ivy.xml, we have this:

<info organisation="" module="xmlprocessor" revision="1.0"/>

When I look at artifactory, it has "" as the name of
the directory, i.e.,

When I look at other artifacts, those that have been retrieved
externally, they all go into subdirectories, i.e., say we were
using the example above, it would be:


I understand that provided that the location of the artifact is
understood, it doesn't matter how it is named, it can be found.
However, is there a way to request Ivy, when publishing, to publish
using subdirectories, i.e., split down the organisation
name based on dots, thus telling Artifactory to use subdirectories (I
take it, this means maven2 compatible?)


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