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From fnord <>
Subject Building a meta module
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:41:41 GMT

I've been trying to build a meta module without much luck.

Basically, I built an ivy.xml file listing all of the JBoss dependencies
necessary to compile stuff for one of our departments and published it to
our Maven repo. An abbreivated version of it looks like this:

<ivy-module version="2.0">
    <info organisation="espn-eng" module="jboss-compile-all"/>
     <configurations defaultconfmapping="default->default">
     	<conf name="default" />
		  <!-- jboss reference jars -->
	      <dependency org="jboss" name="commons-logging"
rev="${jboss.reference.version}" conf="default->default"/>
	      <dependency org="jboss" name="jacorb"
rev="${jboss.reference.version}" conf="default->default"/>

Then I'm including this as a dependency in the main ivy.xml of a project:

        <dependency org="jboss" name="jboss-compile-all" rev="4.3.0_CP06">
                <artifact name="jboss-compile-all" type="xml" />

The problem is that this second file gets pulled into the appropriate
folder, but it doesn't get resolved. Ivy's not resolving the file, just
leaving it amongst the other jars.

Does anyone know how I can get Ivy to resolve this secondary file?

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