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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE fails to resolve transitive dependencies in workspace
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 18:14:05 GMT

Le 8 oct. 2010 à 19:46, Anthony D a écrit :

> Hi,
> Someone on our team ran into a little snag with resolving dependencies in
> workspace. Let me give you the scenario:
> - Eclipse is globally set to resolve dependencies in workspace
> - Project A depends on Project B depends on Project C
> - All projects are Ivy enabled and stored in an Ivy repository
> The developer was working on Project A in his Eclipse workspace. He also
> needed to make changes to Project C, so he imported that project into his
> workspace. 
> To our surprise Project A's ivy.xml container still referred to Project C
> from the repository, even after an Ivy | Resolve.
> I thought the point of setting "resolve dependencies in workspace" is to
> transcend versioning and simply link a project with the same org and name?
> It doesn't seem to flow through transitive dependencies if one of the
> "middle" projects is not in the workspace.
> Is this by design?
> The work-arounds are:
> 1) Import each project in between into the workspace
> 2) Or add Project C into Project A's ivy.xml as a dependency

I had the same issue. I thought it was a bug in IvyDE [1] . But the fix I did was messing
up the setup of other use case [2].
So actually what you just need to do is to make Ivy itself resolve dynamically the revision:
look into the defaultResolveMode of "settings" in the ivysettings [3].
Basically you'll just need to add this in your ivysettings.xml:
<settings defaultResolveMode="dynamic" />



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