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From Steve Miller <>
Subject Re: How to exclude sources when building using Ant
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 15:07:19 GMT
Yes, the artifact docs have more specifics.

To be clear, each module defines its artifacts. Part of each artifact
definition is its type. The only predefined types I know of are jar
and ivy. Any others will be defined in the ivy files for the modules
you are depending on. I know source is a common one.

<artifact name="foo-src" type="source" ext="zip" conf="src" />

As the docs say, if you don't define the 'ext' param, it takes the
type. So in this example, it will look for an artifact named
foo-src.source. But here they defined it as zip, so it looks for  I guess the items you mentioned defined it as jar for
the source artifact.

Unfortunately DM is not as simple at it would seem. But once you get
it, you understand why it needs the complexity. (spelled out ->

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 10:53 AM, David Sills <> wrote:
> Steve:
> Thanks, that was exactly what I needed.
> This is precisely the sort of difficulty I've been having. The
> definition of the "type" attribute of the retrieve Ant task in the
> documentation is "comma separated list of accepted artifact types".
> Fine, but how do I know what the list of accepted types is, or what any
> of the values listed means? (The source files are JAR files, as well,
> but are somehow magically excluded when "jar" is the type.)
> Of course, I could be being really dense and missing something, but this
> is the sort of thing I plan to go through and work on when time permits.
> David Sills

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