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From David Harrigan <>
Subject Re: Question about documentation
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 12:22:55 GMT
Hi David,

I understand you frustration. The documentation isn't that great. At
the moment I'm putting together a set of Ivy 101 articles that may be
of benefit to others. I too went though time and effort to learn it
and still some things are not too clear. However, I did get it to
work, even to publish my own dependencies into my own repository. The
blog articles are not there yet, so I can't point you to anything at
the moment.

I've taken the **completely unofficial** step of creating a temporary
channel on freenode called #ivy. If you can jump on there I can help
you out a bit if you like - depends on work load etc, but I can offer
a few suggestions that may help.


On 5 October 2010 13:11, David Sills <> wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
> Help! :)
> I am a Java developer with 10 years experience, a masters degree, an IQ
> above 160, and an excellent work ethic. I have spent 5 days trying to
> figure out how to add Ivy to my current project. I do not have another 5
> days - that's just not practical at my job.
> I have read document after document, including the complete tutorial and
> reference documentation. I have read the section in Ant in Action,
> several apparently useful resources and blogs on the web.
> And still I have been completely unable to make even the simplest Ivy
> configuration work for what should be an easy project. (One JAR file,
> two JAR file dependencies.)
> If anyone is actually interested having documentation written (or maybe
> a book, who knows) that can be read by someone who doesn't understand a
> thing about Ivy, I would be willing to contribute to or even author
> that. But first, I have to understand what's going on myself.
> All the examples I see are either way too simple or way too specific to
> a particular project. The reference documentation doesn't really explain
> what each attribute does in each file - it merely adds an English
> description (which is sometimes self-referential).
> This is what I see so often in open-source projects: the documentation
> is read by people who don't need to read it to understand things - they
> already understand them. They only need to be reminded of things they
> already know. And it doesn't occur to them (understandably, to be sure)
> that someone who doesn't understand what they do might be confused by a
> lot of extremely abstract terminology without really practical examples.
> I'm obviously not the first person to have this problem. A lot of people
> I have read love Ivy but bewail the state of its documentation. I'd be
> happy to help, but can someone first point me in the direction of a
> step-by-step description of using Ivy? And I don't mean the tutorial,
> which is fine but assumes a lot of things it doesn't specify.
> If Ivy's not for me, then who is it for? I'm an expert in using Ant and
> really don't like Maven's inflexibility. Ivy sounded like the perfect
> solution. But even with the best will in the world, I couldn't get
> anywhere!
> Sorry for the rant. Somebody please point me to the blog where they
> describe this "for dummies" (I'm not above this at all) and I'll just go
> and make it work. Thanks!
> David Sills

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