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From Steve Miller <>
Subject Re: Multiple artifacts
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 19:18:29 GMT
I've gotten this to work a bunch, so it should work. The difference I
see is this:

Your build creates a versioned jar. Mine creates an unversioned jar.
So try creating dsi-springmvc-tags.jar
and dsi-springmvc.jar.

Then make your pattern like so:

It may be getting confused with the - in your name and the separator
of the version? Or it was just not intended to work that way. Not

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 6:48 AM, David Sills <> wrote:
> All:
> I've managed to get Ivy working quite successfully (though I don't
> always understand exactly <strong>why</strong> it works) for my project.
> However, I'm trying something new and I don't quite understand why it
> doesn't work.
> I'm working on a project that contributes to a library I use to base
> other projects on. The project originally published a single artifact:
>  <publications>
>    <artifact name="dsi-springmvc"/>
>  </publications>
> This worked great. However, it is a web-based system, and includes some
> JSP tags as well. These are packaged in a separate JAR file with its own
> TLD, which is being correctly built to the right directory for Ivy, that
> is, my build process deposits the "dsi-springmvc-tags-1.1.jar" right
> next to the "dsi-springmvc-1.1.jar". I thought this would work:
>  <publications>
>    <artifact name="dsi-springmvc"/>
>    <artifact name="dsi-springmvc-tags"/>
>  </publications>
> It doesn't. The ivy publish Ant task still only publishes the one
> artifact (JAR file) to the repository:
> ivy-publish:
> [ivy:publish] :: publishing :: com.datasourceinc#dsi-springmvc
> [ivy:publish]   published dsi-springmvc to
> U:/shared\\repositories\\internal\\com.datasourceinc\dsi-springmvc\\1.1\
> \dsi-springmvc-1.1.jar
> [ivy:publish]   published ivy to
> U:/shared\\repositories\\internal\\com.datasourceinc\\dsi-springmvc\\1.1
> \\ivy-1.1.xml
> publish:
> My Ivy target is as follows:
>  <target name="ivy-publish" depends="jar">
>    <ivy:publish
> artifactspattern="${deploy.dir}/[type]s/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"
> pubrevision="${version.number}" update="true" resolver="local"
> overwrite="true"/>
>  </target>
> The schema suggests that multiple artifacts are possible, so I must be
> doing something wrong. I have looked at the documentation but don't see
> an obvious problem. Does anyone else? Thanks!
> David Sills

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