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From Levi Purvis <>
Subject IvyDE - GWT projects in Eclipse
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 21:48:57 GMT

I'm trying to get a multi-project build with GWT working in Eclipse,
utilizing Ivy and IvyDE.  For client-side GWT code (i.e. the Java code
that will be translated to JavaScript), the GWT compiler requires that
the source code for dependencies is available on the classpath.

IvyDE does a fantastic job of "attaching" source to JAR files in
Eclipse, however this does not make the source visible on the
classpath.  This feature appears to be getting in the way when I try
to explicitly declare the source artifact as a dependency (i.e. it
doesn't work).  I could definitely use some pointers here, as
searching for this problem has not turned up anything.

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