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From Jim Mochel <>
Subject Why does my resolved ivy.xml have a different configuration then my ivy.original.xml ?
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:48:09 GMT
I keep getting told (by my build) the following:

No entry is found in the ModuleDescriptorCache :
[ivy:resolve] post 1.3 ivy file: using exact as default matcher
[ivy:resolve] found ivy file in cache for org.wuhsin#canon;working.64
(resolved by enterprise-releases):
[ivy:resolve] default: revision in cache: org.wuhsin#canon;working.64
[ivy:resolve] checking org.wuhsin#canon;working.64[default] from
enterprise-releases against [none]
[ivy:resolve] module revision kept as first found:
org.wuhsin#canon;working.64[default] from enterprise-releases
[ivy:resolve] found resolved revision in cache: org.wuhsin#canon;working.+
=> working.64
[ivy:resolve] Entry is found in the ModuleDescriptorCache :
[ivy:resolve] found ivy file in cache for org.wuhsin#canon;working.64
(resolved by enterprise-releases):
[ivy:resolve] found module in cache but with a different resolver:
discarding: org.wuhsin#canon;working.64; expected
resolver=enterprise-snapshots; resolver=enterprise-releases
[ivy:resolve] tried[revision]/canon-[revision].pom

Which indicates two things that puzzle me:

The first is given by:
expected resolver=enterprise-snapshots; resolver=enterprise-releases
Why is the resolver significant?

The second is given by the fact that it finds the configuration as
"default". When I look at
the C:\Users\jmochel\.ivy2\cache\org.wuhsin\canon\ivy-working.64.xml
I cleary have the default configuration.

<ivy-module version="2.0"> <info organisation="org.wuhsin" module="canon"
revision="working.64" status="release" publication="20101014120937" default
="true" /> <configurations> <conf name="default" visibility="public"/>
</configurations> <publications> <artifact name="canon" type="jar" ext="jar"
conf="default"/> </publications> </ivy-module>

When I look at
the C:/Users/jmochel/.ivy2/cache/org.wuhsin/canon/ivy-working.64.xml.original
file I have the following (note there is no default configuration). What am
I missing ?

<ivy-module version="2.0" xmlns:m=""> <info
organisation="org.wuhsin" module="canon" revision="working.64" status="
integration" publication="20101014120453"/> <configurations> <conf name="
build" description="Dependencies needed to build the code base" visibility="
public"/> <conf name="core" description="Core dependencies needed by all"
visibility="public"/> <conf name="provided" description="Container or System
provided dependencies needed at compile time (Typically provided by the
environment for test and deployment time" visibility="public"/> <conf name="
compile" extends="core, provided" description="Compile Time dependencies"
visibility="public"/> <conf name="deploy" extends="core"
dependencies (does not include API and other packages provided by the
container or deployment environment)" visibility="public"/> <conf name="test"
extends="core,stub" description="Test Time dependencies (those dependencies
needed in the running of tests" visibility="public"/> <conf name="stub"
description="Stub or Mock dependencies needed by test" visibility="public"/>
</configurations> <publications> <artifact name="canon" type="jar" ext="jar"
conf="core"/> <artifact name="canon-test-unit" type="jar" ext="jar" conf="
test"/> </publications> <dependencies> <dependency org="org.testng" name="
testng" rev="5.10" m:classifier="jdk15" conf="test->default"/> <dependency
org="org.projectlombok" name="lombok" rev="0.9.2" conf="core->default"/>  <!--
CSV Import --> <dependency org="net.sourceforge.javacsv" name="javacsv" rev
="2.0" conf="core->default"/>  <!-- Validation of input --> <dependency org
="org.hibernate" name="hibernate-validator" rev="4.1.0.Final" conf="
core->default"/> <dependency org="javax.validation" name="validation-api"
rev="1.0.0.GA" conf="core->default"/>  <!-- Logging --> <dependency org="
ch.qos.logback" name="logback-classic" rev="0.9.24" conf="core->default"/>
</dependencies> </ivy-module>

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