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From "David Sills" <>
Subject RE: Question about documentation
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 13:01:27 GMT
David Harrigan:

Many thanks for your reply. If there's any help I can be for your Ivy
101 articles (not only am I a rank beginner, with a beginner's
perspective, which can sometimes be useful; but I was also an editor in
a publishing house for 5 years, so I know a little about writing as
well), please make use of me.

My current job doesn't allow me to use IRC, so I'm afraid so much for
freenode, but in any case I have been instructed to move on since my
email (I got the latter out just in time). They're afraid I'm wasting my
time. I don't think so - I think Ivy is just what we need. (But try
telling that to an administrator.) :)

However, I will continue to stay on this user forum, so please, please,
let me know at the very least when your articles are up. They are much
needed here. I still hope to integrate Ivy with what I am doing.

Thanks again!

David Sills

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