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From fnord <>
Subject Re: Using artifactory/archiva/nexus with Ivy
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 19:42:50 GMT

We're not doing it an "official" way, we've just sort of come up with our own

We have Hudson running and monitoring SVN, and building every time trunk
gets updated. It pulls the code, builds it, and publishes it to Archiva as
LATEST. Now, we're not using Ivy's "LATEST" we're setting the actual version
to the string "LATEST."

This is how all of the dev work goes, and as soon as something starts the
march through QA, PERF, SRT, etc. it gets tagged, published to Archiva, and
added to the ivy.xml for the release, and only tagged code makes it past the
DEV environment.

At this point we're even using Ivy/Archiva at release time. There is an
ivy.xml file that represents everything that should be pushed in the
release. It's resolved in a build.xml that is nothing but the resolve, scp
and restart targets. Pull the code from Archiva, copy it to the server, and
restart jboss. We have confs in this ivy.xml file that represent each
destination folder on the server that we need to move files to, which
simplifies things even further.

Bailey, Darragh wrote:
> Not a true ivy question, but more of a use case query. I'm curious as to
> how most people who use Ivy and an artifact repository manager such as
> artifactory/archiva/nexus, integrate between them with snapshot and
> release builds.

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