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From Chris Geer <>
Subject Re: Problems with "Resolve Dependencies in workspace"
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2010 16:15:41 GMT


Thanks for the advice. I made sure my system was setup this way but no luck,
the exact same set of problems. It just doesn't make sense why some would
work and others would fail, especially when looking in the Ivy container the
correct dependent projects are actually there.


Levi Purvis-2 wrote:
> I'm pretty new to this as well, but from my experiences so far, and
> some recent threads - the following might help.
> * In Window -> Preferences -> Ivy -> Workspace Resolver -- check
> "Ignore version when resolving workspace projects".
> * Repeat the equivalent setting as above per-project if you use
> per-project settings (svn:externals makes this easy if you use
> subversion).
> * Use a dynamic revision for your workspace dependencies, such as
> "latest.integration" (I use a property so it's easy to switch).
> * Define a <module> for your org in ivysettings.xml, and enable
> dynamic resolveMode.  Make sure that all projects are configured for
> the same settings file (a workspace relative path makes this easy).
>     <module organization="com.foobar" resolveMode="dynamic" />
> There really should be a "cookbook" for some of this common stuff.
> There seems to be alot of moving parts to get just right.
> On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 6:00 PM, Chris Geer <>
> wrote:
>> I have about 20 projects all building with ant and ivy just fine from the
>> command line. I just imported them into eclipse and with "Resolve
>> Dependencies in Workspace" turn OFF everything works great. All the
>> dependencies are pulled in from the local repository and no errors. I
>> would
>> like to avoid having to publish/resolve every time I make a change to a
>> project and make use of the Eclipse project links if possible however
>> every
>> time I turn on "Resolve Dependencies in Workspace" my projects suddenly
>> can't find their linkages.
>> Symptoms
>>  - Lots of "Unresolved reference" errors saying it can't find classes
>>  - When I enable the "Resolve Dependencies in workspace" feautre and
>> watch
>> the progress bar it seems like it doesn't take the dependencies into
>> account
>> when it re-builds the projects (don't know if that's an issue).
>> Reasons why I think it should work
>>  - Some projects resolve just fine, some don't. For example, lets say I
>> have
>> project A, B and C. Both A and B are dependent on C. A will resolve C
>> just
>> fine but B will throw errors
>>  - Even on the projects with problems, if I expand the Ivy classpath
>> container, I see the correct projects listed. So going on my example
>> above,
>> if I looked in project B I would see project C listed as a dependency
>> however it will still say it can't find it.
>>  - If I edit a java file in project B (the one with problems) and start
>> typing an import statement, auto-complete will show the classes from
>> project
>> C. As soon as I finish the statement it will underline it red and say it
>> can't find it.
>>  - As soon as I turn off "Resolve Dependencies in workspace" all the
>> errors
>> go away.
>> Any thoughts?
>> --
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