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From Stephen Haberman <>
Subject Re: IvyDE - GWT projects in Eclipse
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 22:23:59 GMT

> I'm trying to get a multi-project build with GWT working in Eclipse,
> utilizing Ivy and IvyDE.

I have this setup outside of IvyDE, by adding the folders manually to
the classpath of the GWT launcher. E.g. I have a foo-project.launch file
which starts DevMode, then in the classpath tab, add folders for:



It is not automatic like IvyDE is, and you have to add/remove the
folders as you open/close the bar project, but works once you set it

(I typically have foo.launch which is just foo and relies on regular
release jars for bar, and then foo-with-bar.launch which is foo + bar's
source folders on the classpath.)

- Stephen

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