I'm having a simple problem where Ivy is complaining about an unresolved dependency that doesn't exist. This is with ivy-2.2.0-rc1.

The error is:

         ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
         :: net.sourceforge.itext#itext;5.0.4: configuration not found in net.sourceforge.itext#itext;5.0.4: 'rtf'. It was required from org.jaspersoft#jasperreports;3.5.3 core

But the rtf configuration is not mentioned anywhere in jasperreports 3.5.3, or indeed anywhere at all in the entire repository except for some earlier versions of itext.

I've attached a simple test case. Just put ivy-2.2.0-rc1 into the directory and run "ant".

Any ideas?


Archie L. Cobbs