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From Nathan Franzen <>
Subject RE: ivy hangs, file locking
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 14:36:33 GMT
Interesting, and sad, I have two machines where I can run this build, both running CentOS 5.5.
  One of them exhibits this problem, the other doesn't.   I don't yet know what the relevant
difference is.

From: Nathan Franzen
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:52 AM
To: ''
Subject: ivy hangs, file locking

I've just run into what seems to be the same problem discussed in February,
and following.    When I run a fresh resolve on a clean cache, everything proceeds smoothly,
but when I run a second resolve, the ant process hangs.

Running with ant -d  -Divy.log.locking=true, I see
[ivy:retrieve] Thread[main,5,main] 1285162976298 file creation failed ......metadatas/metadata-.....ivy.lck
[ivy:retrieve] Thread[main,5,main] 1285162976400 file creation failed ......metadatas/metadata-.....ivy.lck
[ivy:retrieve] Thread[main,5,main] 1285162976503 file creation failed ......metadatas/metadata-.....ivy.lck

This is using the standard 2.2 rc1 release, I downloaded the latest nightly build and saw
the same behavior.  One thing that's quite different is that I am using a customized pattern
version matcher for this particular dependency

jstack tells me it's waiting at

"main" prio=10 tid=0x09966c00 nid=0x42c3 waiting on condition [0xf7fb8000..0xf7fb91f8]
   java.lang.Thread.State: TIMED_WAITING (sleeping)
        at java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)
        at org.apache.ivy.plugins.lock.FileBasedLockStrategy.acquireLock(
        at org.apache.ivy.plugins.lock.ArtifactLockStrategy.lockArtifact(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.cache.DefaultRepositoryCacheManager.lockMetadataArtifact(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.cache.DefaultRepositoryCacheManager.cacheModuleDescriptor(
        at org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.BasicResolver.parse(
        at org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.BasicResolver.getDependency(
        at org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.ChainResolver.getDependency(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.IvyNode.loadData(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.VisitNode.loadData(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.fetchDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.doFetchDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.fetchDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.doFetchDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.fetchDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.getDependencies(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.resolve(
        at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.resolve(
        at org.apache.ivy.Ivy.resolve(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyResolve.doExecute(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyTask.execute(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyPostResolveTask.ensureResolved(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyPostResolveTask.prepareAndCheck(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyRetrieve.doExecute(
        at org.apache.ivy.ant.IvyTask.execute(

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Nathan Franzen

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