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From David Harrigan <>
Subject Re: Confusion over latest integration resolution
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 15:39:00 GMT
Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who replied :-)

(Yes Steve, it is as you say - after a bit of experimentation I
understand it now)

I have something working now, this is my setup (btw, using artifactory
which rocks):

Module A:

When I build my jar, a fubar.jar is created in my dist directory. When
I publish to
artifactory (libs-snaphots-local), it goes in as fubar-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.

Module B:
In my ivy.xml, I have declared a dependency on fubar as rev="latest.integration"
which pulls down from artifactory version 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT (or whatever it is).

Whenever I do a new build of Module A, I keep the version to be 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT,
but the great thing is when I publish it, the date has changed so when I ask
Module B to do a resolve for me, it pulls down the latest from artifactory.

If I now do this:

ant -Dmodule.version=0.1.0 ivy.publish.release

Module A goes into the libs-releases-local of artifactory.

Now in my Module B ivy.xml, I change the rev from latest.integration to
0.1.0 and when ivy does a resolve in Module B it pulls down the release


I like the fact that I can control the version numbers myself which is good.

I think I understand it now, would I be on the right track?

My last question I have now is local artifacts verses remote artifacts.

Say I am working on Module A. Doing some code changes. I publish
locally my snapshot (say 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT). In my Module B, I have
changed the dependency on Module A revision from 0.1.0 now to

I remove the value "returnFirst" from my chain and indeed when I do
a resolve on Module B, ivy installs Module A 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT into
my Module B libs directory.

My question is this:

Is it correct to leave of returnFirst so that it forces Ivy to examine all
of the configured resolvers to correctly compare comparisons?

I feel that everything seems to be working well, just looking for some
assurance that what I've done is accepted good practice and I'm not
leaving anything out.

Thank you again one and all, it's been a very helpful few hours :-)


On 27 September 2010 14:33, Steve Miller <> wrote:
> Actually, the jar will probably be named fubar.jar before you publish
> it. Then the publish ant task would have a revision of 1.0-SNAPSHOT,
> so when it's published, the jar would then be fubar-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
> in your repository (depending on your repository pattern).
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 7:03 AM, David Harrigan <> wrote:
>> I see, so, if I put something like:
>> fubar-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> at the end of my jar and publish that, ivy should (after a bit of
>> further tweaking) pick up on that?
>> I'll give it a whirl later and let you all know. Thanks all for your replies.
>> -=david=-
>> On 26 September 2010 16:34, Mitch Gitman <> wrote:
>>> This is something I stumbled on myself, but depending on
>>> "latest.integration" actually resolves a module with a status of integration
>>> OR GREATER. So, using the default set of statuses, "latest.integration" will
>>> get the latest module, whether its status is release or milestone or
>>> integration.
>>> The default status is integration if you don't specify one for ivy:deliver
>>> or ivy:publish. The documentation refers to an ivy.status property when it
>>> comes to how ivy:deliver/ivy:publish defaults the status but doesn't mention
>>> what that property's own default value is. There is an ivy.status.default
>>> property as well.
>>> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 8:01 AM, James Davis <> wrote:
>>>> Additionally, the status of the artifact may need to be set to integration.
>>>>  As I understand it, latest integration pulls the latest version of an
>>>> artifact that has a status of integration.  However, I am not sure what
>>>> default module status is though (have not looked at the docs to confirm).
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I prefer encrypted and signed messages. KeyID: B20A22F9
Fingerprint: 110A F423 3647 54E2 880F ADAD 1C52 85BF B20A 22F9

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