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From Carl Myers <>
Subject Re: Please vote: changing the default conflict manager
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 21:22:14 GMT
Sadly, right now, it seems broke =(

To go ahead and give one anecdote, our dependency graphs are *very* 
complicated.  We have two kinds of builds, "official" builds built by 
our continuous build (and continuous release) process, and local 
developer builds to "test before committing".

Because our continuous release is releasing all the time, a local build 
fails because each module does its own resolve, which will resolve 
different dependencies (since the dependencies are in a constant state 
of flux).  If, however, latest-compatible was in use, then the correct 
version should be used (because previously built modules would mean a 
transitive dependency on 1.0 which would lock us into 1.0, even though 
1.1 has been released since the start of the build).

Our usecase is probably atypical, very few people have dependency graphs 
as complex as ours, but it is a data point for you.  We use strict 
dependency checking in our continuous build (and wherever possible) but 
we really need latest-compatible for our local builds for the above reasons.


On 09/23/2010 09:49 AM, Mitch Gitman wrote:
> Please forgive the tangent. Here's what the documentation has to say about
> "latest-compatible":
> this conflict manager selects the latest version in the conflicts which can
> result in a compatible set of dependencies. This means that in the end this
> conflict manager does not allow any conflict (like the strict conflict
> manager), except that it follows a best effort strategy to try to find a set
> of compatible modules (according to the version constraints)
> Can anyone out there articulate precisely what that means?

Carl Myers
Palantir Technologies | Internal Tools Software Engineer

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