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From Niklas Matthies <>
Subject Re: Please vote: changing the default conflict manager
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 16:17:23 GMT
On Thu 2010-09-23 at 10:03h, Archie Cobbs wrote on ivy-user:
> Now suppose we resolve A. If only version 1.0 of Y exists, then ivy
> will choose Y=1.0 and everything is fine. Now suppose a few months
> later version 2.0 of Y is released and added to the repository. The
> next time A is resolved, ivy will choose version Y=2.0... even though
> the dependency in module A specifically states rev="1.0" for Y.

Well, in my understanding rev="1.0" has always rather meant "some
revision compatible with revision 1.0", and the implicit assumption is
made that revisions > 1.0 are compatible in that way. While the latter
assumption is objectable, the first part is fine, IMO, so "1.0" does
NOT mean "exactly 1.0 and no other revision".

The compatibility assumption can be made explicit in Ivy, as in
"[1.0,)". There are two problems with that, though. The first problem
is that it is being declared by the depending module, instead of the
dependee module, although the latter knows better which of its later
revisions are actually compatible with earlier revisions.

The other problem is that (by default) "[1.0,)" gets you the latest
revision, so the result of dependency resolution can change even
though the dependency declarations of the module revisions involved
don't change. Unlike with "1.0", you don't have build stability or
build repeatability with "[1.0,)" when newer revisions are added. This
is actually pretty much the issue that you're describing above (except
that you seem to want "= 1.0" whereas I'm fine with ">= 1.0").

It would make more sense if modules would themselves declare which of
their revisions are compatible with which other revisions (by default:
compatible with all earlier revisions), and the revisions specified
by depending modules would by default always be taken as "or some
compatible revision", and dependency resolution would always respect
these compatibility constraints. A strategy would only serve to
specify which set of revisions to choose among those that meet all
compatibility constraints.

But at is currently is, compatibility in Ivy is only implicitly
defined by a combination of what depending modules declare and which
conflict-managers are applied. IMO Ivy's model is somewhat broken in
that respect.

> To me this seems completely insane... at least for being the
> *default*behavior of ivy.
> However, this is just my opinion... and fixing it would mean changing ivy's
> default behavior in a backward-incompatible manner, by changing the default
> conflict manager from "latest-revision" to "latest-compatible".
> So the question is: would you support this change, or would it be too
> disruptive (or you just don't like it, etc.)?

Due to the build repeatability argument noted above, we would continue
to use "1.0" to mean ">= 1.0", and with a conflict manager using
latest-revision. Hence I would prefer for the default to remain as-is.

-- Niklas Matthies

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