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From "Bailey, Darragh" <>
Subject RE: Jar file type naming conventions?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 18:05:57 GMT

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> From: Nicolas Lalevée [] 
> Sent: 17 August 2010 15:15
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> Subject: Re: Jar file type naming conventions?

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> This topic should deserve a page in the doc, you're right.
> IvyDE will resolve the dependencies and artifacts you are 
> requiring. Then with the pool of resolved artifacts, it has 
> to decide which is a binary jar, which contains sources, and 
> which contains javadocs.
> For the binaries jars, it is relying on the "Accepted types": 
> if the artifact has a type listed here, it is then added to 
> the classpath.
> For the sources, it is relying on the "Sources types".
> For the javadocs, it is relying on the "Javadocs types".
> The second step is to bind a source artifact with a binary one.
> First if a binary jar has the same artifact name than a 
> source one, there are bind together.
> If none matched, then IvyDE search for sources which have one 
> of the suffix specified in "Sources suffixes".
> For instance, searching for the sources of mylib.jar 
> (type=jar), IvyDE will look to bind it to the first one existing of:
> * mylib.jar (type=source)
> * mylib-source.jar (type=source)
> * mylib-sources.jar (type=source)
> * mylib-src.jar (type=source)
> Note that IvyDE don't care about the extension, it can be .zip too.
> Same apply for javadocs with respectively "Javadocs suffixes".
> It is enough clear, I'll probably use what I just wrote as the doc :)
> Nicolas

Actually I found what I was looking for in the ivy documentation.

I was looking for what naming scheme was being followed for the different types of artifacts,
but I couldn't seem to find any definitive standard. The documentation points out that it's
left up to the module creator.

All I was really looking for was some examples of uses other than the standard ones for sources/jars
so I could see if there was any already defined types that would suit some additional files
that I need to add to an internal repository.

Darragh Bailey

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