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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Jar file type naming conventions?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 14:14:39 GMT

Le 16 août 2010 à 19:21, Bailey, Darragh a écrit :

> Could someone point me towards where the jar file naming conventions that ivy and ivyde
use are laid out?
> i.e. as what is described in the ivyde documentation for the source and javadoc types
and suffixes.
> I'm assuming that there is some standard convention mentioned somewhere and it's not
just an arbitrary de facto convention?

This topic should deserve a page in the doc, you're right.

IvyDE will resolve the dependencies and artifacts you are requiring. Then with the pool of
resolved artifacts, it has to decide which is a binary jar, which contains sources, and which
contains javadocs.
For the binaries jars, it is relying on the "Accepted types": if the artifact has a type listed
here, it is then added to the classpath.
For the sources, it is relying on the "Sources types".
For the javadocs, it is relying on the "Javadocs types".

The second step is to bind a source artifact with a binary one.
First if a binary jar has the same artifact name than a source one, there are bind together.
If none matched, then IvyDE search for sources which have one of the suffix specified in "Sources
For instance, searching for the sources of mylib.jar (type=jar), IvyDE will look to bind it
to the first one existing of:
* mylib.jar (type=source)
* mylib-source.jar (type=source)
* mylib-sources.jar (type=source)
* mylib-src.jar (type=source)

Note that IvyDE don't care about the extension, it can be .zip too.

Same apply for javadocs with respectively "Javadocs suffixes".

It is enough clear, I'll probably use what I just wrote as the doc :)


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