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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: making an SCM managed copy of your external artifacts
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 13:18:22 GMT
On 11/08/10 01:56, Geoff Clitheroe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've used 'both approaches'
> 1. Use Ivy to build and maintain the repo - I use a master Ivy file with all
> the deps we use specified and then a resolve and rsync to the enterprise
> repo (which is Apache httpd).  This also holds our shared ivy settings.
> This way I have more control over what goes into the enterprise repo.
> 2. We recently used Archiva on a different repo.  It was in many ways harder
> to get running (how we wanted) but does have the advantage of acting more
> like a persistent proxy for central etc.  This also means developers are in
> control of what gets into this enterprise repo.
> Either way work fine I think the only real difference for us is who controls
> what gets into the repo.  If you're pushing a lot of jars then the search
> features of some of the archive managers may be nice.

Thanks. I don't need the search stuff, I just want something which
builds and works offline, with complex build processes like "user brings
up windows 2003 vm image, VPNs to work and then does an SVN update into
the host filesystem", that being how I have to code on the road from a
linux laptop.

I'll probably try option 1 -ivy and sync, but look at the other options
too. I don't want to get into the game of managing a live service for
other people as it just becomes a support call problem, but updating
into SVN seems viable. I may also just code up some ant task to grab a
bit of the maven artifacts and metadata for an artifact and force you to
do that for everything you list in a file. If you don't do transient
stuff, that's easy, it just forces me to create a file listing every
artifact/version we ship. But I should be doing that anyway.

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