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From "Troy Self" <>
Subject Changing from SNAPSHOT to release version
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 13:41:33 GMT
I have a software system that consists of multiple Java components. I am
currently using Ivy to manage the inter-dependencies by having each project
publish an integration build with the version SNAPSHOT. Internal
dependencies are defined by depending on revision="latest.integration". Then
I use ivy:cachepath to order them appropriately and build the entire system.
That has been working great. Each component builds and publishes itself as
SNAPSHOT and then the next one picks up that dependency. But now I'm at a
point where I want to publish everything as a release with version 1.0. Each
Java component needs to be published as release version 1.0 and depend on
version 1.0 of the others. What is the easiest way to make each project
publish itself as a release version and update its own dependencies on the
other components to 1.0 as well?

Do I really have to go through and change every ivy.xml file (there are 40)
or is there a process for taking a full system from integration to release?


-- tBs

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