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From "Troy Self" <>
Subject latest.integration does not include releases?
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 19:00:46 GMT
It appears from the documentation at [1] that specifying
"latest.integration" will always grab the latest version of a component,
even if the latest version is a release. I am not seeing that behavior.
Let's say I have components A and B where A depends on B with
revision="latest.integration". I can publish "integration" versions of B
with revision="SNAPSHOT" and A will appropriately grab the latest one. I
have changing="true" set so I can keep publishing newer versions of SNAPSHOT
and A will always grab the latest.

However, when ready for release, I will publish a "release" version of B
with revision="1.0". That release version has a later timestamp than the
previous SNAPSHOT version, but A will still pick up the prior SNAPSHOT
version. Am I misinterpreting the expected behavior defined at [1]? Is there
a way to depend on the latest version by timestamp, regardless of status?


-- tBs


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