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From Nathan Franzen <>
Subject PatternVersionMatcher breaks dynamic revisions
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 16:31:19 GMT
I've been experimenting with the version matchers, and after some experiments got a PatternVersionMatcher
that was doing the lookups on a particular dependency the way I wanted it too.   Unfortunately,
I then saw other dependencies -- which we working before -- now failing. 

Trying to break it down into the simplest test case, I have in my ivy.xml, either
        <dependency org="com.mmodal" name="devTools" rev="[4.0,)" />
        <dependency org="com.mmodal" name="devTools" rev="4.0.+" />
which should (and do) give me version 4.0.102

now in ivy settings, I add or remove 
which turns off or on the successful lookup.

I glanced at the source of org.apache.ivy.plugins.version.PatternVersionMatcher, but I don't
see anything obvious fishy.  I don't know what code is involved in initializing the set of
version matchers, so it's hard for me to know where something's gone wrong.

Of course I first used -verbose, but don't see anything helpful in the output.




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