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From "Hekmat, Payam" <>
Subject Dependency order issue with transitive dependencies
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 22:27:45 GMT
I have 3 modules in the following configuration ('->' indicates a
Module A: v1.0
Module B: v2.0
            ->A v1.0
            ->A v1.0
Module C: v3.0
            ->A v1.0
            ->B v2.1 
            ->A v1.1
            ->B v2.1 (yes, C v3.1 is technically impossible to resolve)

With an ivy file declaring the dependencies: 
		<dependency org="foo" name="A" rev="1.+" />
		<dependency org="foo" name="B"  rev="2.+" />
		<dependency org="foo" name="C"  rev="3.+" />

Using the 'latest-compatible' conflict manager, I'd expect it to resolve
to A v1.0, B v2.0, C v3.0, but it only resolves to B v2.1, C v3.1. If I
change the order of the dependency elements around (e.g. A,C,B or
B,C,A), it resolves correctly. In the original order, it restarts the
resolve process trying to handle incompatibilities between A v1.0 and A

Any insights on where the issue could be? While this is a trivial
example, it's not feasible for me to order the dependencies in practice.

Thanks in advance,
	Payam Hekmat

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