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From Martin Weber <>
Subject Re: OSGI and IVY
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:04:28 GMT
Am 20.07.2010 19:53, schrieb Shawn Castrianni:
> Has anybody researched the relationship between OSGI and IVY?  I have

I have a build system that builds some OSGI bundles with Ivy and Ant.
But its really limited.

> a large build system running on IVY and is working great.  However,
> development wants to move towards an OSGI runtime framework which
> impacts how the modules are built.  I am trying to figure out how I
> can merge in OSGI bundle creation with my IVY based build system.
> I am finding that the dependency mechanism and publish mechanism in
> OSGI is fighting with the same concepts in IVY.  Therefore, I am not
> making any progress on this OSGI project.

I don't think these mechanisms are fighting the same concepts: The 
dependency mechanism in OSGI is targeted to provide a classpath that is 
needed at runtime. Ivy (with its concept of configurations) can handle 
much more: I use it to provide one classpath for compile time, one for 
run-time (to set the ClassPath-attribute in MANIFEST.MF) and finally to 
retrieve all files that get shipped to customers.

The main limitations of Ivy/Ant to build OSGI-bundles are caused by the 
structure of bundles from the dependencies (at compile time):
1) bundle jar with classes/resources: This can be handled by Ivy/Ant.
2) a bundle jar that contains other jars: the Java compiler will not 
look at the inner jars.
3) the bundle is a directory with jars and other files: Bundles of this 
structure can neither be published nor retrieved by Ivy.

With structure 2 and 3 you will have difficulties to construct a 
class-path for the java compiler.

--- Martin Weber

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