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From "Bailey, Darragh" <>
Subject Ivy warnings when accessing local repository setup using namespaces
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 17:15:22 GMT

Setup a local repository using the example from the src/examples directory, and just have
it populated with the exact jars that are required. I made an assumption that when using a
namespace for the repository creation, that once the artifacts were in a acceptable layout,
i.e. commons-lang#commons-lang moved to apache#commons-lang, then the settings file used by
the internal projects wouldn't need to have a reference for the namespace.

Currently it doesn't need it to retreive the artifacts from my local-repository, but I do
get the following warnings:
[ivy:retrieve] :: problems summary ::
[ivy:retrieve] :::: WARNINGS
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for org.apache.wink#wink-server;1.1-incubating: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for org.apache.wink#wink-common;1.1-incubating: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for org.slf4j#slf4j-api;1.5.11: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for org.slf4j#slf4j-jdk14;1.5.11: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for javax.xml.bind#jaxb-api;2.1: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for;1.0-2: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for javax.activation#activation;1.1: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for com.sun.xml.bind#jaxb-impl;2.1.4: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for;1.1: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for apache#commons-lang;2.3: maven2
[ivy:retrieve]  namespace not found for org.apache.geronimo.specs#geronimo-j2ee_1.4_spec;1.1:

Am I not using the namespace functionality as intended? Or is this just a side effect that
I should ignore?

Darragh Bailey

Systems Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard Galway Ltd.

Postal Address:    Hewlett Packard Galway Limited, Ballybrit Business Park, Galway
Registered Office: Hewlett Packard Galway Limited, 63-74 Sir John Rogerson's Quay Dublin 2
Registered Number: 361933 

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