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From Robert Buck <>
Subject Ivy Roundup Fork at GitHub
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 12:13:20 GMT
Hi folks,

For those interested in Ivy Roundup but found it a bit discouraging
that it does not work too well on Mac (I was unable to get it to work
there) and it cannot work at all on Windows, there is now a solution.
There is a cleaned up version of Ivy Roundup available at GitHub:

This fork namely addresses these issues:

* eliminates all calls from the Ant build script to: awk, find, sed,
sort, and the like (this could all have been done directly in Ant to
start with)
* eliminates any direct call from Ant build scripts into subversion,
effectively making the RoundUp solution SCM neutral.
* lots of other minor fixes and tweaks
* removed three projects that are not well-behaved (no versioning,
updating existing released jars with new content, beta content since
removed, etc)

In the end the new version of Ivy Roundup builds repositories
repeatably with no errors (except for the occasional sourceforge
connectivity issue).

Have a gander. I posted an issue at the existing roundup project
requesting the merge of the changes to it, how much makes its way back
into the original project remains to be seen. Hope this helps those
interested in RoundUp but were unable to use it based on the issues
listed above.

- Bob

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