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From James Davis <>
Subject RE: resolving multiple maven artifact dependencies of same type
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 17:47:25 GMT
If I understand correctly, this can be specified in the resolver by specifying the artifact

See the documentation here:

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From: Nick Bonatsakis []
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 10:42 AM
Subject: resolving multiple maven artifact dependencies of same type

Hello All,

I have a maven pom that builds a project and publishes 3 properties files
alongside the project jar file using pom code like:





When I look in the m2 local repo, I see the jar file and these two files
with the project name and version prepended. I now want to be able to pull
these files into a different project using ivy. It seems that if I use the
classifier attribute of <artifact>, I can only resolve one file of a given
type. My ivy snippet:

<dependency org="com.mycompany.myproj" name="myproj"
rev="latest.integration" conf="test">
        <artifact name="myproj" type="properties" ext="properties"
        <artifact name="myproj" type="properties" ext="properties"

This fails because when it runs, it wants to name both files
"" so when it gets to the second, it fails, because the
first is already there. Is there any way I can dictate how the resolved
files are named? Or some other sollution to this problem?

Thank you all.

Nicholas Bonatsakis
Software Engineer

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