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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject uploading ant with ivy to nexus central repository
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 03:01:04 GMT

I will this week try to upload the build of ant 1.8.1 using ivy to the
nexus central repository [1]

What I want to upload are the 20 odd jar files of ant along with their
POM files. I have to provide .asc (GPG ASCII armored signatures) files
for each jar and each POM.

Is there any support for uploading .asc files in ivy other than
declaring each asc file as an artefact in its own right ?

Does ivy have a setting to say something like : each jar file must come
with its companion asc file ?

Also, ant has its own non standard POM files. Do I want to write one ivy
file for ant declaring its 20 odd jar files as artefacts, + the 20 odd
POM files, + 40 odd ASC files with my signature for each jar and each
POM ? Or does the ibiblio resolver automagically knows that each jar has
a POM and each

I was also wondering whether ivy will recreate sha1 and md5 files
automatically when publishing, and whether nexus likes to receive them
or not ?

I also notice that the official documentation of the ibiblio resolver
[2] says that it does not handle publish, but some email threads lead me
to think that it can handle publish [3] [4].




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