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From Xin Chen <>
Subject Re: Use Ivy to build XSLT dependency report
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 05:18:16 GMT
Thanks Michael. yes, that's what I want. I need something can generate a 
XSLT dependency report for our project, because there are two many XSLT 
files in our project. Sometimes, updated one file and forgot to update 
the others causing a lot of issues....

Hmm.. I saw the beautiful graph report on Ivy website:
[full dependency graph] <>
And thinking - finally, what I am looking for is here. Now it is not...
I am new to Ivy, according your experience, is it hard to extend Ivy to 
do this kind of report? or it is not possible,just time wasting.


Michael Shea wrote:
> If I understand you correctly, you're asking if Ivy can look at some 
> arbitrary XSLT files you've got, find the <xsl:import/> elements, and  
> generate information about which files (or rather, which URIs) include 
> which other files?
> If so, then no. This is not at all what Ivy does, and not what it is 
> intended to do. =)
> Mike Shea.
>> Hi All,
>> Just wondering has anyone use Ivy to resolve XSLT file dependency, 
>> and generate the reports?
>> Say I have bunch of XSLT files, and one import the other one, and 
>> import the other one. blah blah,
>> Can Ivy generate a report about these dependency?
>> I think Ivy needs to look at the tag: import in XSLT files?
>> Thanks,
>> cheney

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