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From Carl Myers <>
Subject Configuring the <ivy:deliver> task
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 21:32:24 GMT
Greetings all,

I am trying to run an XSLT transform on my ivy.xml file before publish. 
  Because of the metadata I am inserting, it must be after resolve and 
build of the module, however.

 From reading the documentation, it sounds like I need to manually run 
the <ivy:deliver> task instead of letting publish run it for me, then 
perform my transform on the delivered ivy file, then publish should see 
the file already-delivered and skip the delivery step, and publish my 
changed file.

The problem is deliver and publish seem to put the ivy.xml in two 
different places.  We do have a proprietary build setup here with lots 
of moving pieces so I am trying to locate the configuration for the 
publish and deliver steps that causes this to happen.  Can anyone give 
me any pointers for how publish figures out where to deliver things to, 
or how to tell the deliver task to target a particular location?


Carl Myers
Palantir Technologies | Internal Tools Software Engineer

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