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From "Andrew McFague" <>
Subject Ivy.xml changes not being published
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 01:28:59 GMT

We recently switched over to Ivy to manage dependencies for our Java-based web application.
 However, right now, we have a jar file being published to a repository, along with its metadata
(the ivy-module file, which I called ivy.xml).  The Jar file changes seem to get pushed fine,
but changes to ivy.xml don't.

Removing the local cache (~/.iv2) doesn't help.  To make matters worse, the metadata file
in the repository gets its mtime updated, indicating that it was overwritten with a cached
version.  The only way to get new metadata into the repo is to remove the ivy.xml their, and
republish locally.

I noticed similar posts for *downloading* data, but nothing about the publishing aspect. 
What can be done to make sure that the ivy.xml file gets pushed every time?


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