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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: publishing via http
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 22:24:33 GMT
Is your apache server configured to accept HTTP PUT requests?
If so, mabye you should use another put-script that creates the missing directories?


----- Original Message ----
From: Michael Shea <>
Sent: Thu, April 1, 2010 11:54:58 PM
Subject: publishing via http

Hi folks,

I am trying to publish to an HTTP Ivy repository, and having some trouble with it. I'm using

The resolver I am using in ivysettings.xml looks like this:

       <url name="shared-publisher">
           <ivy pattern="http://${server}/${infrastructure.lib.dir}/${ivy.artifact.pattern}"
           <artifact pattern="http://${server}/${infrastructure.lib.dir}/${ivy.artifact.pattern}"

Basically, I get this in the logs from my ant build when I call ivy:publish:

Caused by: Access to URL http://[server]/lib/nitido/project24/
was refused by the server

If I check the apache logs on the server, I see this:

<snip> - - [01/Apr/2010:17:38:56 -0400] "HEAD /lib/nitido/project24/
HTTP/1.1" 401 224 "-" "Apache Ivy/2.1.0" - [01/Apr/2010:17:38:56 -0400] "HEAD /lib/nitido/project24/
HTTP/1.1" 404 163 "-" "Apache Ivy/2.1.0" - - [01/Apr/2010:17:38:56 -0400] "PUT /lib/nitido/project24/
HTTP/1.1" 401 741 "-" "Apache Ivy/2.1.0" - [01/Apr/2010:17:38:56 -0400] "PUT /lib/nitido/project24/
HTTP/1.1" 403 538 "-" "Apache Ivy/2.1.0"

It looks to me like it's trying to just run a PUT without creating the necessary subdirectories

I've also tried messing around with the vfs resolver (compiled my own commons-vfs jar, based
on the 1.0 tag from the vfs svn repo), but I didn't have any luck with it.

I haven't found much about this on google... bits and pieces here and there, but nothing that
has really helped me yet. Is what I am trying to do even possible currently? Or should I just
abandon this approach, and set up an FTP server to handle publishing instead? =)


Mike Shea.


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