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From infinity2heaven <>
Subject Re: example ivy & build.xml file for spring/jsf/hibernate project
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 15:00:02 GMT

Thanks for your reply. Looking at your sidekar project, it appears that you
have thought this through throughly and derived some great approaches for
your build system. I applaud that. 

I spent 30 mins looking into it and figured it's going to take a whole day
to put my understanding together. After all that, there could be issues that
I have and I will end up coming back to this forum asking for the same and
someone else will refer me to their internal library built around Ivy and I
will learn that too. At some point later, I will end up learning 2 new
libraries but I fear that my original problem is not unresolved.

You are now asking me to learn these things which has nothing to do with my
original problem -- new macros (500 page macrodef file), Ivy 2.0 features
called packager (apart from the already existing concepts around ivy). 

Think for yourself. I am not a framework developer (I can be but that's not
what I do). I'm just a framework/library user and I'm looking for a key
abstraction here. I don't know if I want to know the internals or want to
read a 200 page manual for something like that. 

Is what I'm asking that hard? If there is no straight answer, I'd imagine it
is and maybe I should go back and stick to copy/paste jars. (Mind you, I use
Maven for my hobby projects) but I work for a large corporation that are
resistant to change for this exact reason.

Archie Cobbs-3 wrote:
> For what it's worth, here is a setup I've used a few times. It requires a
> little bit of infrastructure (see macros.xml for where to put ivy.jar and
> ant-contrib.jar) but once you've got that configuring what you want is
> pretty straightforward.
> You can view this
> example<>in a
> Java object database project... you only need to pay attention to
> these
> files:
> build.xml <>
> src/build/macros.xml<>
> src/ivy/settings.xml<>
> src/ivy/ivy.xml<>
> -Archie

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