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From "Sky Ao" <>
Subject Re: Why is Ivy locking my resolved dependencies until Ant finishesprocessing?
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 14:30:42 GMT

When you run "ant clean test release", the reserved jars are part of the classpath (for example
target test ) and would be locked by the windows process to protected itself. So you can not
delete these file
until the process exist and the file locks release.

I think "ant clean test release" would be in one process to run three target. For "ant clean,;ant
test;ant release" there are three process to be executed one by one. When target release executes,
the process of test has finished, of cause you can run target release to remove the jars.


Sky Ao 

发件人: Imner, Andreas 
发送时间: 2010-04-16  17:26:27 
主题: Why is Ivy locking my resolved dependencies until Ant finishesprocessing? 
I have a problem with Ivy that is blocking me from using it for creating my daily builds.
I am using Windows and this problem does not appear on, for example, MacOS.
My daily build -Ant target triggers (among others), the following Ant targets
1. clean - cleaning /build and /lib
2. test  - resolving 3:rd party dependencies (conf="test") using Ivy to /lib, compiling classes
+ test classes and executing the junit tests
3. release - cleaning /build and /lib, resolving 3:rd party dependencies (conf="run") using
Ivy, compiling the classes and assembling my webapp.
When running these targets within the same Ant "session" (like "/> ant clean test release")
or when calling these targets from a single target, using the "ant" -task the following happens
in the beginning of the "release" -target:
C:\dev\trunk\04_Implementation\webshop-ng\build.xml:228: Unable to delete file C:\dev\trunk\04_Implementation\webshop-ng\lib\activation-1.1.1.jar
But if I run the targets one by one, like 
ant clean
ant test
ant release
... the problems does not appear
If I add a <sleep minutes="5"/> to my build.xml and the use handle.exe, a sysinternals
program for checking file handles, I can see that the Ant java process has file handles open
for all the resolved 3rd party jars in /lib
Also as a test, during the <sleep.../>, I tried deleting the files in /lib using Windows
explorer, but of course this didn't work either.
Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for this issue? I don't think Im the only one using
windows and multiple targets withing the same Ant "session"?
Andreas Imner 
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