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From "David Brosius" <>
Subject Re: Question about transitive="false"
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 21:49:05 GMT

Well the reason i turned -v on was that Ivy seems to just sit there
stalled at that line, for along time (which i take to be forever -- but I
never actually sat there for more than a couple of minutes).

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From: "Maarten Coene" <>
Sent: Tue, April 20, 2010 17:15
Subject:Re: Question about transitive="false"

ok, I took a closer look at it and it's perfectly normal.
This error logged in verbose mode isn't a real error: it's just an
indication the
this ant-parent.jar doesn't exist in which case Ivy will ignore it. It
won't cause
the retrieve to fail.

Do you get any resolve errors when not running in verbose mode? If not,
the resolve
was successfull.


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From: Dave Brosius <>
Sent: Sun, April 18, 2010 11:44:12 PM
Subject: Question about transitive="false"

     I'm trying to introduce Ivy into a mature product where 3rdparty jars
checked in to the scm. My first step is just to have ivy yank down all these
files, and then copy them into the locations where they currently exist, that
way the mult-project ant build won't need to know anything about ivy (except
for the first build step of pulling the files down). Once this is working,
remove the jars from the scm, and then work on making the build more

So to start, i've created an ivy.xml that specifies a transitive="false"
configuration, and have listed all the jars that are currently in my scm.

Many of the jars work fine, but a few have the following problem. For
instance here
is a snippet from my ivy.xml


    <conf name="default" transitive="false"/>
    <dependency org="org.apache.ant" name="ant" rev="${ant.version}"

When run with ant -v

I get

[ivy:retrieve] == resolving dependencies
<skip some stuff>
[ivy:retrieve]     public: found md file for org.apache.ant#ant;1.7.1
[ivy:retrieve]         =>
[ivy:retrieve] downloading ...
[ivy:retrieve]     public: downloading
[ivy:retrieve]     public: downloading
[ivy:retrieve] sha1 OK for
[ivy:retrieve]     [SUCCESSFUL ]
org.apache.ant#ant;1.7.1!ant.pom(pom.original) (606ms)
[ivy:retrieve] default: Checking cache for: dependency:
org.apache.ant#ant-parent;1.7.1 {}
[ivy:retrieve]         tried
[ivy:retrieve]         tried
[ivy:retrieve]     local: no ivy file nor artifact found for
<skip some stuff>

[ivy:retrieve]         tried
[ivy:retrieve]     public: found md file for org.apache.ant#ant-parent;1.7.1
[ivy:retrieve]         =>
[ivy:retrieve] downloading
[ivy:retrieve]     public: downloading
[ivy:retrieve]     public: downloading
[ivy:retrieve] sha1 OK for
[ivy:retrieve]     [SUCCESSFUL ]
<skip some stuff>
[ivy:retrieve] CLIENT ERROR: Not Found

So ivy can't find ant-parent in the repo. Now I suppose
that is a
problem with that repository, but why is ivy trying to download that file,
since i
specified no dependencies? I don't want or need that file.

How do i get around this?

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