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From Claudio Miranda <>
Subject Re: [ivyde] Using a relative path for the Build Properties file? Click to flag this post
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 15:10:51 GMT
I have a similar situation, where the ivysettings is situated at
It needs to load the of each project, so I put

<properties file="${ivy.project.dir}/" />

into $HOME/.ivy2/ivysettings.xml

see if it helps

Claudio Miranda

>    fnord wrote:
>    We use a file in every build, it sits right in the root folder.
v    I've been unable to find a way to use a relative path for this
property -- I have to set an absolute path, which breaks the way we
> normally set up IvyDE, which is with a global setting, rather than a project-specific
>     At this point I've got devs complaining and hard-coding values and all hell is about
to break loose. I'm charging my cattle prod now.
>     Is there a way to say something like ${ant.file}/ so that this can
be set globally?

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