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From <>
Subject RE: Dependency descriptor mediation/overriding
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:58:39 GMT
Hi Maarten,

I built from svn today and it worked at treat. :)

For your reference, I'm now using: version

Thanks a lot for your help - this was a real show stopper for me.

Kind regards,


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From: ext Maarten Coene [] 
Sent: 15 March 2010 20:39
Subject: Re: Dependency descriptor mediation/overriding

You might have the same problem as reported in IVY-1131, which is fixed in SVN trunk.

Could you try again with current trunk version to check if the problem still occurs?
You can download a snapshot here:


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From: "" <>
Sent: Mon, March 15, 2010 1:11:12 PM
Subject: Dependency descriptor mediation/overriding

Hi All,

I have a complex dependency graph in which all dependencies are resolved dynamically (using
Version Range Matcher  -  revConstraint="[1.1,2.0[" for example). I have a use case in which
I need to override the revision of a particular transitive dependency from the root of my
graph, without having to introduce a dependence on that transitive dependency in my root node.
I'm hoping to use Ivy to drive SOA integration; that is, I'll be versioning web services,
not binary artefacts at all!

My understanding of the documentation is that using the <override> element in my root
node's <dependencies> element will achieve this:

I'm puzzled however, by the results of my experiments with this. If I make the value of "rev"
outside what is permitted by the "revConstraint" on that dependency, I get the following message:

[ivy:resolve] dependency descriptor has been mediated: dependency:;1.1
{*=[*]} => dependency: MyDependency;0.9 {*=[*]}

While this sounds like it's doing the job, the resulting report shows that this mediation
has not occurred at all. If I set the "rev" in the <override> to a value that sits inside
the "revConstraint", my desired use case, the above log message does not appear, and the report
also shows that the override has been ignored.

Are <override> elements ignored for dynamic resolution? If so, does anybody know a way
of achieving this given I have no conflicts?

Kind regards,


p.s. BTW - I love the pretty pictures I get from the Report that show our service dependency


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