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From Andreas Schl├Ąpfer <>
Subject Re: [ivyde] properties on ivy.xml
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2010 19:42:11 GMT
Hi Claudio

That's how it works for us:

1. Load the properties file in ivysettings.xml (

  <!-- load property files which need to be known to ivy -->
  <properties file="${ivy.settings.dir}/" />

2. Make sure the same ivysettings.xml is used by IvyDE.
In Eclipse: Preferences -> Ivy -> Settings -> Ivy Settings Path
If the file is in your workspace you may want to use a relative path: project://<project_name>/<subdirectory>/ivysettings.xml

Note that you have to touch the ivysettings.xml file to make IvyDE to reload the properties
file (in case you change the version or other properties in the file).
There is also the 'Reload settings' feature. See IvyDE help for more details.


On Mar 13, 2010, at 15:16 , Claudio Miranda wrote:

> I will ask the other way.
> Is there any way to create a "version" variable at ivy.xml, to make
> many dependencies uses this variable (see the excerpt below) ?
> Thanks
> Claudio
>> I have the following ivy.xml at the end (excerpt)
>> The ${version} property is inside a, this works very well
>> I have other modules, where they have the same version, thus the need
>> of a version variable.
>> But ivyde doesn't load the file to input the variable
>> into the ivy.xml file.
>> To replace every ${version} is going to be some work, for every release.
>> So, is there any way to make ivyde input the variable ?
>> <info module="report-web" organisation="com.companyA" revision="${version}"/>
>>    <configurations>
>>        <conf name="production" transitive="false" description="Only used for the
>>        <conf name="compile" extends="production" transitive="false" />
>>        <conf name="jnlp" transitive="false" description="Only used for the Java
WebStart application"/>
>>    </configurations>
>>    <dependencies>
>>        <dependency org="com.companyA" name="report-commons" rev="${version}" 
     conf="production->default;jnlp->default" />
>>        <dependency org="com.companyA" name="report-core" rev="${version}"    
  conf="production->default" />
>>        <dependency org="com.companyA" name="report-core" rev="${version}"    
  conf="production->default" />
>>        <dependency org="com.companyA" name="report-provider"   	rev="${version}"
      conf="production->default;jnlp->default" />
>>        <dependency org="com.companyA" name="report-ui" rev="${version}"      
conf="jnlp->default" />
> -- 
>  Claudio Miranda
>  _______________________________________________

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