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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: overriding dependencies??
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 22:08:44 GMT
Maybe you could use the exclude functionality in your ivy.xml files?This way you can exclude
commons-logging, even if other modules depend on it.

But this would require modifying all ivy.xml files of your top-level modules.
I don't think there is an option to do this globally with a simple setting...


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From: John <>
Sent: Wed, March 3, 2010 8:06:05 AM
Subject: overriding dependencies??


Most apache libs depends on commons-logging, so when retrieving e.g.
commons-lang, commons-logging.jar will also retrieved.
Now we've decided to switch to slf4j and not using commons-logging.
slf4j provides a bridge jcl-over-slfj4.jar which can be used instead
of commons-logging.jar, so commons-logging.jar must not in the
Is there a way to tell ivy to retrieve jcl-over-slfj4.jar where
commons-logging.jar is requested? Or do I have to manually edit all
ivys where commons-logging is a dependency? Or what's the best way to
handle this requirement?

Thx, John


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